Favorite web resources:

BreezeWiki, a website that removes ads and videos from Fandom wiki pages!
eflora, a collection of notes and information about plants.
Marginalia, search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, favoring text-heavy websites and ignoring websites with too many modern web design features.
Project Gutenberg, a free online library.
Scheherazade's Niche, a website about female Islamic saints.
The International Fairy-Tale Filmography, a filmography/search tool for fairytale movies from around the world.

Other fun stuff:

The Useless Web, takes you to useless websites! Have fun!
The Gladdest Thing, a collection of poetry.
Kirby Without Words, a Tumblr blog that removes dialogue from early Marvel comics panels to show what Jack Kirby's intentions might have been/how they differed from Stan Lee's. If you like comics, this is a really interesting project to look through.
Czechoslovakian cinema, a Google Drive folder with vintage Czech and Slovak films with English subtitles! Created and maintained by valerieandherweekofwonderz on Tumblr.
Strawberry Reef, a My Little Pony reference guide.

Other awesome personal & fansites around the web (basically... places with buttons):

Fanlistings I am a part of! (Major work in progress at the moment, haha.)