Oh boy, my oft neglected music page. I wondered for a long time what to do with this page. I had started to add some of my own Youtube playlists to this, but that wasn't quite cutting it for me. Still not totally sure what to do with it, but in the meantime, here's a link to my current playlist (on Spotify) and below you'll see pictures of my favorite albums and/or musical artists and some of my favorite song lyrics. Expect the albums and song lyrics to shift around and change a bit, I have too many favorites to be consistent! x)



Lyrics that speak to my heart

Coming Back to You by Leonard Cohen
Even in your arms, I know I'll never get it right
Even when you bend to give me comfort in the night
I've got to have your word on this or none of it is true
And all I've said was just instead of coming back to you

Enchanted Sky Machines by Judee Sill
My desire is a rosebud
In the magic design
I can't wait to feel it bloom
They'll be landin' anytime
Then when the skeptics are wonderin'
Where all the faithful have flown
We'll be on enchanted sky machines
The gentle are goin' home

Little Girl Blue
No use old girl
You might as well surrender
'Cause your hopes are getting slender and slender
Why won't somebody send a tender blue boy
To cheer up little girl blue

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